Methods of fuel bunkering
• The simplest is berth bunkering. Carried out at the time when refueled ship is at the dock for loading. To implement bunkering there are two methods. In the first case the bunkering is made from oil tankers. In the second case the bunker ship is unmooring to the pier.


• Bunkering at anchor. Produced exclusively from bunker vessel to vessel at ancor. In this case, the bunker, but most bunkering vessel is positioned at anchor.


• Bunkering on the move or adrift. Most prevalent during bunkering of fishing vessels. It’s rarely used by transport and passenger vessels.


Small bunkers is also widely spread, which includes storage, fuel dispensing to small fleet vessels. Provides for bunkering (refueling) of ships with fuel, engine oils. It is considered one of the most environmentally friendly, civilized means of water-motor technology bunkering. Small Bunker provides for maintenance, boats refueling, motor boats, yachts, jet skis, and small vessels.


Small bunkers are performed with floating filling stations. Filling process does not differ from the auto. To start fuelling a vessel is required only to moor alongside floating filling stations. Bunkering by floating filling stations complies with environmental standards, provides for a multi-level system of protection against water pollution.


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