The main role of crewing companies – is to provide intermediary services between the shipowner and seafarer, the legitimate question raises: «Why can not a sailor himself, bypassing the crewing agency, send his documents to the shipowner, saving his money?».


The answer to this question lies in the fact that the sailor, sending documents, doesn’t bear any responsibility against the shipowner. Imagine a situation when a sailor sends documents to the shipowner, who is in another country. According to the documents the sailor suits the shipowner, but when the sailor arrives in person, it turns out that he doesn’t suit for some reason. For example, has fake or expired documents, or suffer from alcohol or drug dependence. The shipowner incurs losses due to lost time, demurrage, and finally, because of the money paid for flights.


All these problems the shipowner can avoid if using the services of crewing companies which are checking the sailor’s professional experience and the legitimacy of his documents. Due to the fact that the crewing agencies financially responsible to the shipowner, he strives to put the most qualified officers and enlisted personnel. The shipowner gets selected and tested sailors, sailors get rid of many problems associated with negotiating, solving many of the problems on the spot.


Our company has a huge base of marine experts, huge experience at crewing, as well as a license to hire specialists to work on ships under foreign flags. We have wide experience of working between shipowners and ship specialists.