Shipping agency service

«Cape of Hope» Co. Ltd provides full agency services for Russian and foreign vessels in the ports of Murmansk and Kandalaksha as well as the entire north-western region and the Norwegian ports of all kinds of goods, including operating, dangerous, oversized and heavy.


The company has a wide experience working with different types of ships of steamship companies of North Basin of Russia and shipping companies of Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, as well as research vessels, etc.


The company has developed respectable relationship with the administration, management offices and staff of ports of the Kola Peninsula (Murmansk port: trade and fisheries, Kandalaksha port, Murmansk shipyard). We rightly earned the respect of shipowners and charterers, our customers, partners and colleagues in the agency business. The company is developing dynamically in the field of marine agency. Our agency department can offer the following services at competitive prices:


• all formalities for the ship arrival / departure to port;

• the organization and control of the vessel registration procedures by customs and border services;

• registration of arrival and departure of the ship in port and at anchor;

• the provision and ensuring ships with berths, tugs, pilots, stevedoring and loading operations;

• interaction with shippers / consignees in issues related to cargo operations, organization of loading / unloading of all types of cargo;

• rapid, daily reporting on the status of the vessel and cargo operations;

• organization of crew change with all the formalities and necessary action to ensure the travel documents, hotel reservations, etc.;

• arranging for the repatriation of the crew;

• the organization of health services of the crew;

• organization of supply, technical, health, sanitation, quarantine relations, bunkering and repair services;

• representation and protection of interests of the master / owner in the port;

• etc.